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  • top soil delivery Dependable Delivery
    We'll deliver the topsoil right to your driveway
  • best topsoil Best topsoil and mulch in the business
    Our products are top quality
  • topsoil sard The place we call home
    This is our site where all the magic happens
  • landscape boulders We move mountains, literally
    We carry a variety of landscape boulders
  • topsoil screener We screen our own topsoil to ensure top quality
    We can handle any job, big or small
  • infield baseball field Infield Material
    We have infield material for baseball diamonds
  • boulder side dump truck 24 Yard Side Dumper
    This truck is great for delivering topsoil and boulders in park strips and medians
  • topsoil screener loaded Soil Screening Plant
    We use modern equipment to keep up with high demand
  • mulch Mulch and Compost
    We have a variety of mulches to choose from
  • topsoil dump truck We can load any size truck
    We can load your trucks as well as our own
  • mulch dump truck 18 yard truck
    This truck is designed to dump in areas that a truck and pup can't fit
  • mulch dump truck 24 Yard Truck and Pup
    This truck delivers large amounts of topsoil to large open areas.
  • topsoil dump truck Our 12 to 14 Yard Truck
    This truck is for our small, partial, or full loads
Tomsic and Sons is a licensed, insured, and locally owned Topsoil company that has been dedicated to producing and delivering the highest quality landscaping products in the Salt Lake City Valley since 1951. Year after year our customers have relied on our dependability. We offer affordable topsoil, mulch, boulders, and decorative landscaping material for our customers to purchase. We have the means to deliver any amount you need all year long along the Wasatch Front. We have supplied material to Nurseries, Greenhouses, Cemeteries, Parks, Landscapers, Contractors, Ball fields, and Homeowners since 1951, and we would love to serve you!


For pricing, email or call us at 801-272-5112

Pricing and Payments

payment options Payment Options

We accept cash, personal checks, bank checks, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

buying in bulk Benefits of buying in bulk

Garden centers sell two cubic feet of materials in bags. It takes 13.5 bags to equal one cubic yard. Use our calculator to see how much you need and what your savings could be by buying in bulk.

material calculator How will I know how much I need?

Go to our materials calculator. This tool will allow you to easily measure how much product to order.

licensed and insured Assurance

We have been licensed, insured, and locally owned since 1951.

Material Calculator

Pick your shape and put in the dimensions
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  • Square or Rectangle
  • Square footage
    Length (ft.) Width (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Circle
  • Circle footage
    Radius (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Triangle
  • Triangle footage
    Base (ft.) Height (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Oval
  • Oval footage
    Length (ft.) Width (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Parallelogram
  • Parallelogram footage
    Length (ft.) Width (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Pentagon
  • Pentagon footage
    Length (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Hexagon
  • Hexagon footage
    Length (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

  • Octagon
  • Octagon footage
    Length (ft.) Depth (in.) Cubic Yards

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